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Within days you can have a powerful, updateable, branded presentation app distributed throughout your team.


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CustomPitch demo
CustomPitch can be distributed through the app store or through your corporate Enterprise program.

Download a free demonstration of how CustomPitch can be used in the real world. See how it can be custom designed, can hold a variety of sales materials and how easy it is to use, even without internet access.


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iPad Sales Growth

iPad proliferation drives use of presentation apps” for this graphic

iPad use for presentations has skyrocketed at an exponential level. The reasons are numerous and include its:

  • Slick, professional design
  • Ease of use
  • Portability
  • “Instant on” feature
  • Ability to store unlimited presentation materials

But there are challenges, such as :

  • Each file type has to be accessed through it’s own viewer: video player, e-mail, camera roll, Good Reader, etc.
  • You can’t present a brand experience
  • Version Control
  • Simple, enterprise-wide distribution

CustomPitch offers a unique solution to these problems. CustomPitch is a presentation app that stores and displays all your materials within one app. It has a branded interface that is completely customized in both look and feel to suit your organization’s specific branding guidelines and method of organization and presentation.

Since it is a native iPad app, all content is stored on the ipad and is deployed enterprise-wide. The app is easily updateable by your internal staff and Push notifications let your users know when new content is available.