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Why You Should Use an iPad for Sales Presentations

Do you give lots of sales presentations? Are you tired of handing out brochures or running down a hallway with a laptop in your arm trying to convince someone to buy your product? Rest those weary arms: it’s time for you to upgrade your sales game. Below you’ll find some of the top reasons you should consider using an iPad or tablet for your next sales presentation. You’ll learn that the advantages of using a mobile app on a tablet for your sales presentations far outweigh those other methods.

Key Benefits of Using an iPad or Other Tablet for Sales Presentations:

1. Adds instant “Cool” –

Think of the image you’re sending about your company when you walk in ready to present to a client with a tablet vs. a laptop or stack of papers. With an iPad or other tablet, you are non-verbally communicating that you and the company you work for are pioneers and leaders in technology; and at the forefront of presenting and disseminating information in your field.

2. Quick Startup –

One of the great things about tablets is their “instant on” capability. Powering up a laptop is time-consuming due to the slow operating systems and programs that auto-load on start up. Tablet users don’t ever have this problem. Once you turn on your tablet, you are instantly in the driver’s seat and ready to go.

3. Portability –

It’s much easier to carry your tablet than a 3 ring binder, a briefcase full of examples or a laptop . The smallest tablets currently on the market weigh just over a half pound, that’s similar to the weight of a small coffee. A full 1 inch, 3-ring binder weighs over double that amount (2.2lbs) and can be bigger in length and width. One of these you can easily hold and maneuver with one hand; the other requires a hand, an arm, an elbow and sometimes an entire table to hold it.

4. Lots of great Apps –

There are hundreds of thousands of apps created specifically for tablets; some of them are great tools to help with your presentation (we will cover those in another post).The benefit of mobile apps are that they are generally far easier to use than laptop software since they are built and developed for a specific task and mobile device.

5. Syncing, Sharing and Version Control –

Sync and share files faster and easier with an iPad. In fact, you can sync or share your entire presentation with your prospects wirelessly via AirPlay, Bluetooth or email in a matter of seconds. And version control for an entire sales team is easy with push notifications in apps.

6. 3G Functionality –

Need to access important information on sales calls where there’s no internet available? Get a tablet with built-in 3G connectivity and avoid missing sales moments due to lack of WIFI. Can’t do that with your laptop.

7. Cost –

The lowest priced iPad to date starts at $299. You won’t find too many brand new laptops for that price.

8. Higher Efficiency/ Better Organization –

All your sales material can be organized and presented seamlessly from within one app. Custom apps like CustomPitch can help upgrade you sales presentations because they keep your brand upfront at all times, help organize all your material, allow you to present virtually any type of media and give you update control. You won’t need to worry about another department or team in your company having different information because everyone will have the same files and the same version. No hassle and no confusion.

So you can see there are a myriad of reasons why you should be using an iPad for your presentations. IPads make your job easier, make you look tech savvy, and ultimately can help you seal the deal. Prospects want to be wowed and salespeople want to get results. And a tablet is one of the best ways to help you achieve both of these goals.