• using iPads at tradeshows

7 Tips for Successful Trade Show Use of Presentation Apps

There are over 10,000 trade shows each year in the U.S. If you are going to attend one, how will you stand out? And what’s more, how can using an iPad make the tradeshow easier, more effective and more fun for you?

Well at this point in the game, you are not going to be the only booth featuring an iPad. So whether this is your first tradeshow with an iPad or your fifth, keep in mind the Why, the How and these tips:

The WHY – you want to use your iPad at a Tradeshow because:

It attracts people to your booth
Not only do they stop, but they will stay longer. Initially drawn to the iPad, they will then stay at your booth longer. What’s more, the iPad itself can be a talking point.

It makes your job easier
Forget paper, pens, handouts, catalogs, video monitors, DVD players and laptops. Chances are, that whatever you used to do at your booth, there’s an app for it now. Streamline your job by seeking out the right apps — ones that will facilitate your goals: gathering customer information, taking orders and dispensing your company information. CustomPitch is a great example of a customizable sales presentation app for trades show use. You are going to save time and be able to reach more people by using your iPad as a sales tool.

The HOW – Set up your iPad to attract people

Make your iPad into a kiosk with a wall mount, table top, or floor stand created specifically for an iPad.

Set it up to run a presentation
For example:

  • Loop a product demo video
  • Run an interactive multimedia program, game or catalog
  • Run a customized mobile sales presentation app

Gather customer data
Use the iPad to:

  • Sign people up for your newsletter
  • Add people to a database
  • Get customer feedback by running a short survey
  • Take orders – no more repetitive data entry – use a templated digital form

Dispense information
Use the iPad to:

  • Email pdfs, price sheets, links or other information directly to your
    interested person on the spot.
  • Tweet information about your booth in real time using Twitter.

Useful tips:

  1. Use the tradeshow wi-fi or bring a portable mi-fi hotspot. You might save money and have better performance by bringing your own hotspot, it is even possible to use your smartphone as a hotspot in some cases. Whatever you decide, test it out ahead of time.
  2. Consider using multiple iPads.  Some as interactive kiosks, and others to have in hand for gathering or dispensing data on the spot as you speak to potential customers. Use a mobile iPad sales presentation app like CustomPitch to demonstrate your product or service one-on-one.
  3. Change screen brightness if necessary and turn the autolock off so your presentation doesn’t go dim.
  4. Add a protective clear sheet if you are using it as a kiosk and keep it clean between users
  5. Secure it from theft.
  6. Be mindful of what other apps you have on your iPad, delete any you don’t want accessed.
  7. Click EVERY link in your presentation ahead of time to avoid any issues and make sure everyone working your booth knows how to use it.

And, need we say it? Don’t forget the power cord!