Lowest Priced Subscription-based
Presentation App

Per user monthly fee: $10


 Included Benefits:

  • We will customize the app per your specifications to meet your branding guidelines, including logos, colors, button names, etc.
  • We will load up to 25 items of your content for your initial release and then allow you to load the rest
  • There is no contract necessary, you can end the service at any time.

CustomPitch is a hosted licensing service, made simple. You pay a monthly fee based on the number of users using the app. And there is no contract necessary; you can end the service at any time.

Sample Pricing

  • 20 Users
  • $199 Setup Cost*
  • $10/user per month

*setup cost varies


First Year Cost for 20 users

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See for yourself the ease and benefits of using our custom app for all your sales or marketing presentations. All your material readily available at your fingertips!

CustomPitch demo

Try a free demo of our iPad sales presentation app!

CustomPitch can be distributed through the app store or through your corporate Enterprise program.

Download a free demonstration of how CustomPitch can be used in the real world. See how it can be custom designed, can hold a variety of sales materials and how easy it is to use, even without internet access.

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