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Video Transcript:
CustomPitch is a custom branded, updateable iPad presentation platform that allows you to store and present all your materials from within one app.
It’s a simple concept, but what makes it so invaluable is its ease of use and the professionalism it adds to your presentations.
With CustomPitch, your company image is front and center at all times.
Color schemes, logos, and graphics are all customized specifically for your app.
The menu system and button names are also custom designed to suit your company’s specific needs. The app is delivered to you completely customized, loaded with your content and ready for distribution.
And it’s entirely updateable with a powerful Content Management System that’s easy for your internal team to use
Virtually any type of material can be presented in CustomPitch.

Documents like .pdfs and Word docs, videos, animations, pictures and images, audio files, and Powerpoint and Keynote presentations can all be presented right inside the app.

Virtually any file format that is natively supported by an iPad can be included in your app.

Content is easy to add, and updates are simple to make.
It even has the ability to add a photo gallery with captions that you can swipe through or set to auto-play.
And with an e-mail attachment button on any screen you want, you can easily follow-up on any fulfillment request.
Not only does Custom Pitch help you shine in in front of customers during presentations, it runs on a powerful platform and features
• offline content caching
• a powerful content management system
• push notifications
• and one-touch updates
Add it all up:
• Custom branding
• Easy to Update
• Ultimate organization and storage
And you have a powerful iPad presentation system at your fingertips.

Upgrade your One-on-one, small or large group presentations with CustomPitch.

Video Transcript:
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to make changes in the content management system of CustomPitch.
After you’ve logged in to your secure account, there are only two tabs to control your content: Items and Media
To add new materials or Media, click the Add New button. Then drag and drop your media into the window. Your media is now available to be added to any Item.
Now let’s take a look at the Items tab. Every entry listed in the menu system of your app is considered an Item and can be found in this tab. Entering a new Item is simple.
You just: Enter a title name.
Select the category that it belongs in.
Add a thumbnail.
Then select the media, like pdf, Word doc, video or any other resource material that you want to present.
You then Publish the app and your new content is available for download.
Any of the Item’s characteristics are then editable by just opening the item, making the changes and Publishing them. And changing the order of your Items on the iPad menu is as simple as drag and drop.
Once published, all changes are available immediately to your user group by a simple tap of the Update button.
Custom Pitch is not only a powerful and professional presentation system, its simple-to-use Content Management System makes it infinitely scalable and updateable.