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Six iPad Presentation Tips

Keep it visual

Use visuals instead of text to help tell your story. When using product literature be sure to key in on the visual aspects such as the images, charts and graphs. By-pass small text and replace with videos, pictures, animations and other visual imagery.

Take into account the screen size

When presenting one-on-one, keep in mind that your audience needs to see from a farther distance than when you use your iPad on your own. Use material that can be seen well from several feet. When presenting to a large group through a projector or TV monitor, keep in mind that just because the image is larger, doesn’t mean you can put more information on the screen. Again, keep it simple and visual.

Include videos and animations

Videos and animations are impactful ways to help tell your story. But, keep them short. No one wants to watch your 10 minute video. Short clips are best and allow you to be agile during your presentations.

Share the iPad; get the other person involved

When the opportunity presents itself, let your audience drive the presentation. It’s a great way to keep them engaged and make the presentation more interactive by allowing them to navigate to the content that interests them most.

Keep it conversational

Your presentation should be tailored to your audience; not a written script. The iPad is a great interactive device that allows you the flexibility to customize your presentations on the fly. Be flexible and learn to adjust with your audience’s interest.


The iPad is merely a tool. Learn how to use it so it becomes second nature and you’re not spending time trying to work the device. Learn the navigation system, get familiar with the content, learn how to open, close, swipe and work all the navigation so you can concentrate on your message.

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