Show Them the Money: Tips on How to use your iPad for Sales Presentations

Consultants, salespeople, and marketers, meet your new sales partner, the Apple iPad. It’s sleek and it’s shiny, but don’t let its simple exterior fool you. It’s easy to use, it’s small enough carry in your hand or to toss in your satchel and it’s savvy enough to whip out information at the drop of a dime. Sure it has a reputation of being a party device with all of its music downloads, videos and app games, but there’s another side that  is really catching on: its business side. This is why companies that want to stay ahead of the curve are using it as a sales tool to increase sales and revenue now more than ever.

Using your iPad as a sales tool combines two key components of sales: the personal interactive connection and the visual connection. In the past, we’d use print materials or laptops and struggle to engage our clients and convince an entire room to say yes to our idea. But with the onset of the iPad, it became an invaluable tool to keep pace with today’s busy schedules and also keep clients engaged.

We recommend the following 9 tips to help make your sales presentation a success:

  • Buy a VGA and a HDMI adapter – Have them with you at all times. You never know when you’ll be able to plug into a customer’s monitor or projector. And you don’t want to miss the opportunity to pitch them on the large screen.
  • Learn how to use Airplay – Some companies are using Apple TV. Take advantage of it by learning how to access Airplay (it’s quite easy) on your iPad and you can present wirelessly.
  • Be interactive– Respond to the direction your audience wants to go. Rather than walking thru a linear PowerPoint, interact with your audience and respond by presenting the material that most interests them. You should learn how to nimbly jump from a video to a photo, to a .pdf, to a PowerPoint and then an animation. Use the media to your advantage; don’t let it drive you.
  • Use PowerPoint or Keynote effectively – Learn how to make good PowerPoint or Keynote presentations that tell a story simply and pictorially. Avoid the use of lots of text. There are lots of good websites offering sound advice on this topic.
  • Power up – One of the great features of the iPad is its ‘instant on” feature…but it has to be powered on initially. Make sure your iPad is powered up before you walk in.
  • Are you connected? – Know how to connect to Wi-Fi. Practice connecting to Wi-Fi so you can perform this task easily. You may need to access the internet or Airplay and should look like you do this every day.
  • Practice navigating – Practice navigating between pages and folders. Learn how to access key features in the Settings. Know how to close an app. You need to make the technology transparent so you can focus on your potential customer and their interests.
  • Gather/develop effective materials – Make sure you have all the materials necessary to help deliver your message. Pictures, videos, animations, interactive  tools, sell sheets and spec sheets can all help to tell your story and address your client’s needs. Have them on your iPad, ready to go.
  • Have apps that help your presentation – There are many apps that can help you deliver your message and organize your presentation. Prezi is a good way to show connections and flow, Good Reader helps you to view documents, Skype can help you conference in an expert and CustomPitch can help you organize and present all your materials. Find the apps that enhance your delivery and master them.

Incorporating an iPad into your sales presentation is an excellent way to build your business. Clients will appreciate being able to see animations, videos and photos that help them to visualize the benefits of your products. And sales reps will love carrying a lighter load and being able to show off their products and services in the most positive light.