It’s easy to build your sales presentation tool within minutes

How It Works

Load Content

Load all of your presentation materials: from images and documents to videos and PowerPoints. Assign each resource to a menu item and you’re good to go. And, update any time you want.


Each CustomPitch app’s design and navigation is unique. Upload your logo to brand your app. You control the color scheme and navigation system to meet your specific needs.


Once the app is saved, it’s available to anyone in your user group, worldwide. For anyone, anywhere to present with the app, all they need to do is download it to their iPad and begin!

Content Management

Easy to use Content Management System

Style Your App- Easily customize the look and feel of you app to match your existing brand colors. You can also insert your company logo to further enhance its appearance.

Add Your Categories- Create your own custom categories to showcase your content. It’s as easy as typing in a category name and then pressing “Save”. Create as many sub grouping that you need to further organize your content.

Upload Your Content- Load all of your materials and content into each category that you created. You will then be able to present and email your items directly from within the app.