Content Management System

The app has a powerful, easy-to-use WordPress Content Management System. This allows you to easily update the content on your app and push it out to all users. Only one version of the app is ever available so there is no concern about outdated content or version control. The Content Management System gives you the keys to control content throughout your entire enterprise; quickly, easily and remotely.

step1 of custompitch
custom content app

The Media Library is where all of your resources are housed. Content can be uploaded or deleted from the database. Any file format natively supported by an iPad can be used in the database: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf,  .jpg, .mp4 and many more. Multiple files can be uploaded at the same time. Once your resources are uploaded, they are instantly available for use in the app.

step2 of custompitch
cms based content arrangement

Each piece of content that you want to access is considered an Item. Simply name each Item as you want it to appear, associate a Media Resource with it (these are all your presentation materials), then simply drag and drop the Item in the order that you want it to appear on your menu. Once published, the content will appear exactly how you want it.

step3 of custompitch
categorize content for custom app

All of your content can be categorized specifically for your application the way that your user group wants to see it displayed on the men system; media type, product category, service offering, etc. Simply specify a category from your customized list and your content will be displayed properly in your menu system.