One of the best sales apps for presentations on the market, with numerous client-requested features


presentation storehouse and player


CustomPitch is a turnkey solution for all your presentation materials; all easily stored and presented within the app. No bouncing back and forth between folders and apps!

custom branded sales app


It is customized with your colors, logos, and menu system to keep your brand front and center and your content organized for ease of use during presentations.

sales app offline


With off-line caching ability, you can still present everything within the app, even when you don’t have a data or wifi connection. No connection — No problem!

updateable iPad app


It’s updateable in 3 simple steps with a custom designed, easy-to-use, Content Management System. Deletions, additions and revisions can all be performed by your own personnel and updated to your user base in minutes.

sales team app


Our platform is simple and intuitive to use. You can build the app and share all the contents with your sales reps with minimal effort. Explore multiple ways to put this tool to use.

lowest priced sales app


Our pricing structure is simple – $10 per user/month. You get all the benefits of a subscription based service (hosted server, software updates, licensing, limited development time) without having to pay high per/user costs.

secure iPad sales app


Your app is password protected, ensuring that your content is safe on our secure cloud storage.

presentation app with support


We make it easy with rapid email support and FAQs to fully support your experience using CustomPitch.

multiple file types in one display app


All the common formats you use in your presentations are supported; PowerPoint, Word, Excel, images, .pdf files, videos, audio and more.

CustomPitch Presentation App Benefits

benefits of iPad presentations
  • User controlled content management system means that your reps are up to date with the current version of your materials out in the field
  • Store, easily access and seamlessly display all your materials within one app

  • Streamline your sales process by having all your materials instantly accessible in one place throughout your user group

  • Capture more leads with instant e-mail fulfillment

  • Improve your customer’s experience with an interactive presentation customized for each particular customer

  • Present to any size group, any time, anywhere even without an internet connection

  • Instantly distribute your materials across a world wide network


Organize and present all your sales material from within one app. Virtually any sales material from .pdf and .jpg to videos and Office documents can be available at your sales team’s fingertips. Since CustomPitch is custom designed, your branding is always front and center and all your materials are organized for your unique presentation needs. Version control is no longer an issue since all members of the team have the same content.

CustomPitch is not just for your sales or marketing teams. It can also be used by your service or technical teams as well. It is a great tool for housing and distributing all of your training or service manuals to your service engineers. They will always have the latest manuals and be able to reference them quickly and easily right on their iPad. They will no longer have to carry around binders and paper manuals of their products. Another useful feature is that the manuals can easily be emailed right to a customer for instant fulfillment of their requests – no need to mail paper manuals or remember to send the digital copy when you get back to the office.

This tool can also be used as a simple Digital Asset Management tool. An administrator loads the content to the site, which can then be accessed by whomever has been given access to download the application. What’s great about using CustomPitch as your asset management tool is that all of you assets are then downloaded to the device so they are available even when the user is offline.

Corporate kiosks are a great way to engage your customers and perspective clients. From simple slideshows of graphics or pictures to more interactive, engaging content, CustomPitch is a great tool for this purpose! It is designed with an easy-to-use CMS backend so new or updated content can be added to your kiosk quickly and easily. It just takes one simple tap of a button to add the new content to the iPad – no more disconnecting the device and uploading content through a cumbersome interface. From slideshows to interactive directories, CustomPitch is the perfect tool for a kiosk!

Imagine a high-tech, custom-branded touch screen kiosk with updateable content. Take advantage of being able to manage your own content by swapping out material for each trade show you exhibit at. With CustomPitch you can use our platform to display different material at each show that you attend. And last minute updates are a breeze with our easy-to-use content management system.