• 5 ways to use iPad reference app

5 Ways to Use CustomPitch iPad Presentation Tool

In today’s professional world, every company is thinking of ways to work smarter, save time and cut costs while increasing productivity. Using apps for presentations, salespeople are able to engage their clients, able to sell their ideas and seal the deal. Using your iPad as a sales tool allows clients to visualize your ideas up close while you deliver that great sales pitch.
In this article, I will show you five simple and effective ways to use the iPad sales presentation app, CustomPitch.

It’s a Powerful Sales Tool –

You have a big presentation for a company coming up but your files are all over the place – videos over here, pdfs over there. With the mobile ipad sales app CustomPitch, you can access, organize and present all of your materials all from one place. No more pulling your hair out while waiting for your coworker to share that important file from last week. Now, all you have to do is open up your files and present them to your client. And, CustomPitch delivers Push notifications to you whenever new material needs to be downloaded, so your team will have exactly the same files that you have access to.

An Awesome Reference Manual –

Say you’re a service tech and are constantly looking up how to perform certain tasks, or a manager who frequently trains staff. CustomPitch can be used as a service manual reference tool that houses and distributes all of your training manuals allowing you to quickly and easily refer back to information as needed. You’d be amazed at how much lighter you’ll feel not having to carry 15 lbs of manuals and training guides anymore. And when a customer needs a copy of a manual? You can save time and shoot them one via email straight from CustomPitch.

A Great Way to Manage Digital Files –

Random files everywhere? Not so with CustomPitch. With this app, an administrator loads content to your site and anyone with access can download the content to their CustomPitch app. Once downloaded, all of your files are accessible without the need for WIFI or an internet connection. This customized, content managed iPad presentation app is at your service and ready to go.

A Welcoming Introduction to Your Company –

Having a corporate kiosk for your company is like having a greeter to welcome you with open arms. Use CustomPitch to greet your clients the minute they walk through the door with images of your company’s work or more interactive and engaging content to get them fired up. Never worry about having stale content either. You can update content quickly and easily from the backend with the touch of a button.

Helps You Steal the Show —

Doing a trade show? Wouldn’t you love to be able to have a custom-branded touch screen kiosk available and updatable at a moment’s notice? Well, CustomPitch is your app! With a few strokes of a finger, you can customize CustomPitch to display different presentation for every trade show you attend. Even last minute changes can be made using its simple content management system.

So there you have it, five ways you can use CustomPitch to make your work life easier. With everything it can do, this branded, cached, updateable CMS, iPad presentation app is definitely a tool that you should carry in your digital arsenal. With CustomPitch organizing your files for you and making presentations easier to create, what will you do with all of your extra time? The possibilities are endless.